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QUESTION: Ok this will sound pathetic ... but I really need help here. I've just finished 1B Mech Eng and since moving to Waterloo from abroad 10 months ago I have pretty much 0 friends to speak of. I'm working coop on campus now, and my lack of social life has become even more painfully apparent since I have so much free time. But I pretty much spend every night/all weekend on the internet and not talking to anybody. I also have a hard time meeting girls. So my question is, how do I make friends at UW? Where is a good place to meet people?


  1. Have friends from high school nearby

    1. Only thing that worked for me

  2. It's hard, but maybe the best thing to do is just to start talking to people on campus. If you notice someone who sits in the same spot at the same time everyday, maybe say hello sometime. Join a club or group. The only way to make friends is to be social.

  3. Join a club... better yet, join a design team! There's always plenty to do and they'll love you if you have time to spare.

  4. let it happen eventually, till then work on yourself. Work out, focus on school, develop some hobbies...

  5. *join a club on campus

  6. extra-motherfucking-curriculars. Working with people volunteering on different things like O-Week, Welcome Week, Canada Day Celebration, or joining clubs that you're interested in is a great way to make new friends.

  7. I'd start by getting involved in class. Attend class-run study sessions (or organize them if they don't have any) and take some initiative and volunteer to help or something. Chat up the people you sit beside in your class. You'll see these people for the next 4 years so it's the most rewarding to start there.

  8. I second what 3 and 8 have said.

    Talking to random people on campus is probs not the best idea, because who knows if you'll see them again?

    Another few ideas:

    Be an Orientation leader
    If you have the time, you can be a Don in one of the residences

    In summary... I'd say that the best way is to get yourself involved in some sort of long-term commitment where you'll see the same people over and over again. Take a look at the Eng website (you guys have a ton of faculty-specific clubs) if there's anything there that interests you, go on Facebook and see which clubs people in your program are involved in (you can check this out by seeing what groups they've joined, for example), if you enjoy sports, you can check out intramurals, if you come from a certain country or culture that has a strong presence on campus and you still feel strong ties to the country or culture, you can join their cultural association, things like that. Don't rush it. Try out a new thing or two per term, if you like it, stick with it, and if you don't, then try something new the next term. Don't forget the value of making friends on co-op. It's a little harder if you're doing research with a prof, but try and apply to companies which have a strong work culture and have lots of young people around your age. Spending time together = ample time to make friends. Best of luck, OP. :)