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Updated on Monday, June 16


QUESTION: Stat231 is so hard for me, I'm not understanding anything in class. Is it better to drop now or keep struggling in the hopes I may pass?


  1. Drop now if cause you will get a tuition refund (50%). However if you will not then wait till the last WD day (get all the notes/assignments for the next time you take it and if you are still interviewing employers won't see it now).

  2. You're not going to survive upper year STAT courses if you think 231 is hard.

  3. stats major here, i can help you

    just let me know how to contact you

  4. Stat 231 is a really poorly taught course, it might be your instructor.

    I got 76 in Stat 231 and 90 in Stat 333 & 331. It really depends on how much effort you put into the course and how much attention you pay in class.

  5. get help (a tutor, that guy^), ask a ta, talk to the prof
    if you just need it for your requirements to graduate, just get it over with.

  6. OP here: please please send help:

    I got many many more stats in the future, tmr going to tutorial to try my luck. Thanks

  7. Shot you an email OP, check your junk mail too!

  8. I'm in this class now and I agree it is very poorly taught. Had to lookup R tutorials on my own to learn it and mostly independently teach myself the material. The best thing is to do the tutorial questions and text problems. Redo the examples done in class.

    Marshall is a boring prof but his examples he does (and posts on learn) are excellent examples for the tests. I went to a few of Adcock's lectures and found his lectures to be filled with too much unnecessary filler but this is just based on the few lectures I attended. Memorize the pdfs for the different distributions. There are a lot of terms you need to recognize the definitions for so these are pretty easy marks.

    Good luck!