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Updated on Monday, June 16


QUESTION: I've only ever done technical cs-related jobs; how do I go about getting a project management type job?

For cs, what's recommended is personal projects. What do hiring managers look for in PMs?


  1. There are limited co-op jobs in project management. Try branching out to some BA co-ops and market your soft skills. The interviewers will find your technical background refreshing, not a lot of cs majors show interest in these types of jobs.

  2. I did a co-op term as a PM in software. Basically, the hiring individual is likely a PM as well, and they are not looking specifically for someone with the technical skills, but for high caliber work ethic, ability to learn quickly, and interpersonal skills.

    I was given the offer because in my interview and cover letter I had already done background research and offered meaningful suggestions on how the company could portray itself better inline with what I assumed was their foundational goals.

    If you can land one, it is very rewarding. I was managing 14 software teams, frequently meeting with the company's top executives (300+ size company) and had a holistic view of the work getting done. During my term, with feedback from developers, we moved all teams to a new development platform that I investigated and proposed, ultimately ending a contract that normally cost the business 200,000+ annually.