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Updated on Saturday, June 14


QUESTION: Current thoughts on our gov'ts? (Provincial, Federal, Municipal)


  1. Municipal: Shitty for the most part. (I'm from Toronto)
    Provincial: We'll see. I like Kathleen Wynne, she seems like a great lady but any government in power for a long time can become very corrupted.
    Federal: Doing decently on economic issue (bless you Jim Flaherty) but on the social/enviromental side of things Harper is an ass and doesn't give a shit about anything that goes against his idea of a perfect Canada.

  2. All of our governments are too big, too inefficient, and too overreaching in our lives. Individual freedom is a fundamental value that underlies all social relations, economic exchanges, and the political system. Voluntary co-operation between individuals in a free market is preferable to coercion exerted by the government. The role of the government is not to pursue goals in the name of the community. The government is not there to redistribute wealth, "promote" culture, "support" the agricultural sector, or "help" small firms, but should limit itself to the protection of individual rights and let citizens pursue their own goals in a peaceful way.

    1. ^ This person knows what's up. Took the words out of my mouth.

    2. I agree with your first sentence but that's about it