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Updated on Thursday, June 12


QUESTION: What is the penalty for dropping all my courses this far into the term? I plan on dropping things and chasing the entrepreneurial dream (and unfortunately this can't wait until after the term do to business conflicts). I have every intention of completing my degree, but want to seize this opportunity. Can I drop my courses and take a leave of absence and restart this term next year, or the year after?


  1. If you look on UW Important Dates, you'll see that June 20th is the deadline for the 50% tuition refund. You'll receive a WD in all of your dropped courses on your transcript. There's a form you'd have to fill out saying you're withdrawing from the term (quest won't let you drop *all* your courses) and on it you can indicate what term you anticipate coming back. Depending on your faculty, you'll probably need an academic advisor to sign it.

  2. "do to"

    i know the final result already lawl

  3. Lol. You will likely fail at the business and put yourself years behind.

    1. But if it works OP will be streets ahead