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Updated on Thursday, June 12


QUESTION: How early would you have to get in line for the Greyhound bus that leaves from the university on Friday at 5:00 pm? I was thinking that it might be less busy at this time of year, but I've only ever taken the Greyhound from the downtown terminal.


  1. Pretty sure they only sell enough tickets to fill the seats.

    1. Not true. I know people who were left behind and forced to wait for the next bus. Get there early because even though it's summer there are still a lot of students

    2. No @1a. They only sell enough tickets for the seats now. All tickets are time and date specific since the beginning of the year. As long as you have a ticket for that particular bus you will get on.

    3. Sorry 1b, there's no way that would ever work for them. I would arrive a minimum of 30min early and be ready to stand in the lineup. Its worth it to not get left behind. Best case scenario after being left is they add a bus to the run and you're only 20min lets. Worst case is you wait for the next one, its not an express, and you're 1.5hours late.

  2. They say that their tickets are now date and schedule specific, so it is assumed you are guaranteed a seat. However, it's still possible that they overbook buses to account for no-shows, just like airlines do.

    When booking online, I've seen schedules blocked out because they were "sold out". Similarly, a couple of weeks ago I was unable to buy a ticket for a certain bus because, as per the clerk, it had been "sold out for at least 30 mins".

    I'd like to believe that they don't overbook and that I am in fact guaranteed a seat, but I still don't risk it.

    For your specific time (Friday 5 PM), my advice is to buy the ticket early (before they're sold out) and stand in line 30 mins before the bus is scheduled to leave. Safest bet.