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Updated on Monday, June 9


QUESTION: What is frat life like at Waterloo?


  1. LOL it doesn't exist?

  2. it exists but its pointless. You are paying dues so you can "feel bart of a brotherhood". I can "feel part of brotherhood" by having friends without shelling out money.

    Its just an excuse to party. And I dont pay to party, I get paid to party

  3. Waterloo has two fraternities you can join: Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha (also known as Pikes). The Pikes are joint Waterloo/Laurier, so they're a cool option to meet people outside the Waterloo bubble.

    Both of them offer chances to grow in leadership, philanthropy and socially. It's also a chance to have a community that takes pride in itself, which I think is sorely lacking at Waterloo.

    Ignore the haters. Greek life isn't for everyone, but it can be fun/rewarding for some people. I'm personally not a huge fan of the fraternities we have on campus, but a lot of guys love them. My best advice is to rush; it doesn't cost anything and it'll give you a chance to learn more about it.

    1. you're forgetting AEPi (jewish frat)

  4. is sigma chi also the stats club? i joined last term and nothing happened

    like at all

  5. "frat" and "waterloo" are like oil and water.

  6. like school in the summer... no class

  7. Don't expect it to be like the movies

  8. I myself don't understand why anyone at Waterloo would pay money and make an effort to be surrounded by other guys, but then I never did surround myself with guys to begin with so I'll move past that.

    The people I know who've joined frats were all really nice people. Not the kind of people I'd be close friends with but definitely fantastic people to know. They got a lot of good resume-filler volunteer/philanthropy stuff done and plenty of networking. There are also a ton of events between the frats and the sororities on campus so everyone who didn't have a problem meeting women was dating a sorority girl that I could tell. I was dating someone in AOPi for a bit and at their events I was the only date not from a Frat.

    TL:DR Its not for me, but a few guys I know found it really great. Haters gonna hate of course.

  9. We have fraternities in Waterloo? LOL