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Updated on Monday, June 9


QUESTION: Do you think its possible for a guy to just not be jealous at all? ever? I'm just of kind of curious.

My bf has confidence in me, and I would never cheat or anything. But a very small part of me wonders how much he really cares if he's ever jealous at all. I'm not the type to try to "make him jealous" or give cause to jealousy, but genuinely curious.


  1. "a very small part of me wonders how much he really cares if he's ever jealous at all"

    Sounds like a little more than genuine curiosity.

  2. Sure, if he's confident. Doesn't mean he doesn't love you.

  3. He's probably both not the jealous type and also hides what jealousy he feels. Believe me, he probably feels it a bit when you're off to the club without him, seeing an ex for lunch, etc. As a guy you just acknowledge the feeling, realize its irrational, smile, and say "have a great time baby".

    I do it all the time :)

    1. What if you never go to the club without him or see an ex for lunch? I wouldn't do either of those things when I'm in a relationship.

    2. Well, if you never put them in a position where they might be expected to be jealous, why is it surprising they're not?

      Have you talked about doing things like the ones I mentioned? Its perfectly normal to be doing things in places without the SO.

  4. If he's confident then he isn't jealous. Basically he knows if you cheat he can get another girl right away to replace you.

  5. My ex was like that, didn't get jealous at all. Worked well with me since I'm not the jealous type either. Didn't work so well with the next girl he dated, she did try to make him jealous.

    Not sure if he didn't feel jealousy or as 3 suggested realized it was irrational and didn't let it affect things.