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Updated on Thursday, June 5


QUESTION: If you got fired from your co-op job,what did you do ?


  1. You fail your co-op term I'd imagine

  2. masturbated into bosses sandwich. Or did you mean after getting fired?

    1. You have definitely gotta do this after getting fired. Just show up the next day at lunch and say you forgot something, sneak into guys office with a cup of your semen, and put it in. He will just think his wife packed him some mayo.

      For a more serious reply look below:

  3. All jokes aside, I did fail a coop, she gave me poor (first coop). Not to sound conceited, but it was an admin position and they lied to me in the job description too.

    I talked to my advisor came cut clean with her that yea it was my fault, but i really hated the envirnoment there. She said that she can "hide" the eval from my coop package for the next time i am interviewing for a while.

    She did just that, and my future employer gave me an interview. I explained my ordeal to them (with nice wording) and they hired me, I got Vgood and excellent for my next 2 coops and no body bats an eye at me anymore

    Right now I have come back from 1 year in Japan, and will go to NY soon. Point of the story, fuckups happen, talk to your advisor ASAP, and figure it out.

    Good luck