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QUESTION: Computational Mathematics V.S. Computer Science I plan on pursuing graduate studies in molecular biology, but I need a back up plan in case (rather most likely though) I don't get a career in academia. Either way, I will end up taking CS 240, CS 246, and CS 341, but I am wondering if those courses are enough to get a decent programming job or employers really want "Honours Computer Science" on my degree.


  1. The degree does not matter at all.

    Can you code? This is what employers care about.

    I study math (no CS courses since second year) and managed to get a coding job in the valley because I know how to code. There are people with liberal arts degrees working at google, facebook, etc., who learned how to code on their own time and became good at it.

    So, if you think you need the entire Honours Computer Science curriculum to make you a good coder, then by all means do it. But if you already know how to code, you don't need one line on a piece of paper to prove it.

    1. OP here, well, I believe you are already expecting me to ask this sort of question, but what exactly do you mean by "how to code"?
      I think CS 246 is enough to break into entry-level soft eng jobs, but is this really true? I mean, does the liberal arts majors you mentioned know how to do parallel computing or design compilers? and get hired? Or CS 246 is just enough?

    2. That's the thing OP, they take the time to learn it on their own (probably because they enjoy it). Going through CS 246 won't all of a sudden turn you into an experienced programmer and land you interviews everywhere, but it is useful in that the project at the end gives you real experience working on a chunky piece of software.

      If you are serious about learning CS, pick up a book on Python and do all the exercises in it, and then start writing your own projects for fun.

      Significant side projects on your resume is just as useful, if not more, than a CS degree when it comes to getting interviews.

  2. Thanks, this really helped me to decide my major

  3. you could always look into bioinformatics as well