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Updated on Tuesday, June 3


QUESTION: I was wondering if anybody could help me out with something. I ended up being sick for the last exam period and did poorly for some of them. Most of them are okay but I wasn't able to pass one. I'm putting forward a petition and have 2 official illness forms and 1 external doctors note. I had food poisoning and wasn't able to do well. Anybody know if just the forms from the doctor is enough? Do I need a written letter or would just the filled out form help me with the petition.


  1. Hi! I was the one who sent created and organized the Petitions and Grievances quiz last semester.

    Bring in this completed form ( to the Registrar's Office with your doctor's note.

    (If you want any more clarification, here's a link to Policy 70, which is the Student Petitions and Grievances page:

    If you have any questions feel free to shoot me (aczhou @ or Stephane ( an email!


  2. I think you should also contact your academic advisor and see what they suggest as well. When I petitioned, my advisor really helped a lot and suggested that I write a brief letter explaining what I was petitioning, what happened and what I was hoping the petition would do. (Like, do you want them to shift/remove the weight of your exam from your overall mark or retake the exam during the next available exam period?)

  3. I remember that my brother had mono and didn't find out until after the term was over. They were able to wipe the term from his transcript and simply count courses as "credit granted" (I can't remember what they gave his failed courses). On the downside, all courses had to be wiped, regardless of mark, but that's pretty fair.