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Updated on Sunday, June 1


QUESTION: do employers look at jobmine applications on the weekends or after work during the weekday?

is there any point of looking at jobmine unless it's between 9-5 on a weekday?


  1. some still look on the weekends or after work hours from what i've noticed but less frequently of course..

  2. Apple was sending out interviews/rejections at 12am this past week.
    Keep in mind the West Coast jobs are on Pacific time.

  3. anything is possible

  4. These are people too. So think what you would do. Some people take them home and sort through them after dinner. Other people discuss it with other people at the office. Just depends on the person or company thats going through applications.

  5. Just remember that if you're applying to jobs in different time zones then their work schedule will be different than UW's. For example, you could expect California/Vancouver jobs to rank anywhere between 11AM - 8 PM EST.