OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, May 26


QUESTION: I have done nothing this term, is it too late from me to catch up on classes?


  1. If you need to ask that question, it's probably too late

  2. Hell no. Just buckle down. For the next five days (assuming you have five courses) each day do the reading you have to catch up on. This weekend you have time to do any assignments that are due next week, then next week you are caught up on your reading and can do the assigned reading for class the day before. Just don't fall behind again. It's still two/three weeks until midterms so you should be fine. If you've had a lot of assignments so far this semester that you haven't handed in, you may want to go talk to your professor and see if he will allow you to hand the assignments in. I say all of this with experience in this area. You can do it :) Good Luck!!

    1. I'm glad ppl like you exist. So motivational, thank you!!

  3. Nope not too late at all, give your self a couple of hours for each course.
    1. Go through the readings/slides.
    2. Attempt practice problems.

    Take it one course at a time, starting with the course with the midterm fast approaching.

  4. dude this is me too, dw its not late at all

  5. Whut... 2 weeks per course is enough to do really well on the finals, and this isn't even cramming this is lazy studying.

  6. No- I passed all my classes spending only the day before each class learning everything plus 1 or 2 assignments throughout the term for the classes that require you to pass assignments to pass. But I did nothing but study during those few days. 50 minutes of studying 6-10 minutes of break between + short breaks for eating. So it's possible.

  7. No, but get the heck off fb, omguw etc and use the time productively, otherwise you're gonna spiral down, i've been there, the only thing that works is getting your lazy ass out of bed (or where you are haha) and getting to work. But it's never too late

  8. I usually don't start studying until a week before midterms, you'll be okay. The important thing is to study strategically.

    Focus on areas that are most covered in lectures, assignments, etc. Look up past midterms & finals & try to find common questions. Skim through other material, & do a quick revision of everything before going into an exam!

    Goodluck :)