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Updated on Monday, May 26


QUESTION: How hard is it to make friends if you live off campus (i.e. at home) during first year?


  1. Not hard at all! You will meet A LOT of people during orientation week, and as long as you walk around with a smile on your face you will have no problem making friends. I have been living at home since I started @ UW and I have a wide group of friends, get involved and go out to events!

  2. It depends on your program. Program's like engineering have it easy because you see the same people in all your classes, and you have a chance to get to know them. Something more open like science or arts can be more difficult because of the constant change of people.

  3. For me, it was fairly hard until I joined a couple of clubs. I now have lots of acquaintances, and a few good friends.

    ProTip: Talk to people in your class.

  4. It depends on what kind of effort you make. It's quite easy to make a lot of friends in first year, or no friends at all. If you're concerned about connecting with people, I think there's some sort of organized group for first years living off campus which gets to together for events and such. Don't put too much stock in orientation week though. You may meet a lot of people, but you won't remember most of them.

  5. Off Campus Community, and just doing awesome stuff during O-week if you're a first year, joining clubs and services on campus.

  6. Not that hard, I was in the same situation last year. Just talk to people during o-week, preferably with people you'll know you'll see again or you know you'll be like the bestest buddies ever. I don't ever see the people I hung out with during o-week. On the first day of classes, in any class really, sit with someone sitting alone, strike up a conversation with someone you don't know. Join some clubs, but I feel that this only really works if you go to all the meetings (assuming the club has regular meetings).

  7. I lived at home all throughout university. I still am in contact and regularly hang out with friends from highschool that are in the area, from orientation that I met as part of the off-campus orientation exercises, plenty from my class who I can chill with anytime (like tonight at bomber!) and even more that I meet through volunteer events, engsoc, parties etc.

    As long as you
    a) are welcoming/receptive to new people that you meet
    b) attend group activities (none going on? make it happen!)
    there is no reason for not making plenty of friends throughout university.