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Updated on Sunday, May 25


QUESTION: Okay, ladies, once you've exchanged numbers with a guy, is there some sort of texting foreplay period that has to happen before you'll actually hang out? Or are you just down to hang out? I don't get it.


  1. It somewhat depends on both how we exchanged numbers/how attracted I am to him. If I gave him my number without having much a conversation beforehand, then a bit of texting "foreplay" is probably best before suggesting a hang out.
    If my number was given in a "let's hang out sometime" sort of way then it's much more obvious.

  2. step 1: make plans
    step 2: if they decline, move on - if not, make follow-up plans after event occurs

  3. Lol, 'texting foreplay' made my day

  4. Make plans to hang out before getting the number, makes things ez pz
    "Let's get coffee in a few days"
    "Sure ^_^"
    "Cool ill text you, what's your phone #?"
    Then you just text them to arrange the meet, too much texting will probably just fuck things up before hand

  5. Sometimes I give the guy my number because he keeps asking and I'm bad at saying no, especially if we've talked a bit already. In those cases I'd probably never respond if he messages. Seriously how do you reject without seeming like a bitch?

    1. I've used "Sorry, but I usually don't like to give out my number". Thought it was stupid but it works- either they say " okay, that's fine" or "come on, I won't bother you" to which I respond "Sorry, I can't". I used to hate when guys I wasn't attracted to approached me but now that I have a way of saying no without making it too awkward, it's not so bad.