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Updated on Sunday, May 25


QUESTION: Looking for a part time job, what is the best way to approach it? When I go into stores in person, they tell me to apply online, and when I apply online I feel like it never gets read. Can anyone tell me their experiences in retail, or food job application?

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  1. Honestly there are places, that will not accept job applications in person, online only. Those places, apply online and then go talk to a manager/assistant manager in store and let them know you have applied online for whatever position, let them know if you have experience and why you want to work there. Because they get the online applications emailed to them from Human Resources, and if they know your name and they are hiring, they can go find your application.
    If you can find an application online to print out and fill out. Do that, and bring it in stapled with your resume. Make sure your writing is legible, there are no spelling mistakes, and your 'why you want to work here' section is good, not cheesy and not 'I want a job'. Tell them you've always had great experiences in the store, enjoy the product and think it looks like a great place to work. Work in the word 'teamwork' if you can. It's like candy to hiring managers. When you go in to hand it in, don't be too cold/standoffish; ask to talk to the manger/assistant manager, but only if they are available. If they are in the back room or with a customer, just give it to the sales person. Don't go in and then immediately leave after you give them your application; go shopping afterword, joke around with the sales person, be memorable. I've worked retail for 3 years and the more memorable and seemingly would be good to work with,you are when you hand in your resume the better your chances of getting hired. Seriously. I have seen my assistant manager put an 110 ( if you connect the top of the first 1 and the bottom on the second 1 it reads 'no') on an application just because of how cold and unfriendly an applicant was when they handed in their resume. If you really really want to talk to a manager/assistant manager when you hand in your application, and the manager is busy, tell the sales person you are going to go shopping and that you can wait until the manager is available to speak to, so you don't bother them. Seriously, coming out on the floor to talk to someone when you are in the middle of doing scheduling, etc. can be a pain in the ass. Waiting a few minutes can make a big difference. Also, in about 80% of stores, the assistant managers do the hiring, so talking to the assistant manager is actually preferable to the manager. Keyholders are ok too, they tend to have a say in the hiring process too. Wear the store's product if you have some.
    Sorry to write so much, but I the hiring process is soo stupid and biased, I might as well as help you as much as you can. Also I am procrastinating writing a paper lol

    If you have any other questions, let me know. I'll monitor the feed.
    Good Luck!!