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Updated on Tuesday, May 20


QUESTION: Is there an appropriate way to fit in my resume/cover letter that I don't really care about what I get paid (I just want a job)? I think it would be valuable to the company to have an employee they wouldn't have to pay as much but I am unsure of how to broach the matter.


  1. "I will be your company's slave, if you let me."

  2. That's a retarded attitude to take. If I were a manager I'd want an employee who wanted to be properly compensated for their skills, not someone desperate for a job. This is the exact reason we don't ship our good jobs to China.

    1. Yes but if 5 prospective temporary employees have equal skills sets you would likely employ the one that would cost you the least capital.

    2. Given equal skills, I would hire the employee that would have the most reason to be motivated on the job. Not someone without a good enough reason to continue when the going gets tough.

      Also, read up on laws governing internships and no/minimal payments. If I were an employer, I'd rather pay decently than falling foul of those laws.

    3. I'm not saying that I want an unpaid position, simply that the extra 50$/week doesn't matter as much to me (as portion of the salary).

      Regardless, whether you agree with me or not, what is a good way of saying it. If it doesn't work it's my loss.

  3. No don't mention it. Saying you don't care about the pay would not have a good impact on your résumé, but could possibly rather have a negative one.

    Tip: once you get interviews, they'll ask you how much you want to get paid/preference/if you have any questions. That's when you should something along the lines of 'the pay doesn't concern you as much as having a good learning experience does, so anything is fine etc... '

  4. 3 is right. If anything, saying this makes you look weak. You can't find a good way to say this because there is no good way to say this. Not wanting to be paid is an indicator of not being valuable.

    If it comes up during interview, then you can downplay pay importance, blah blah you are excited about the position etc etc. If you are the person who brings it up you look desperate and bad.