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Updated on Sunday, May 18


QUESTION: I need to understand how uWaterloo does their grading. My parents keep asking for my GPA and the course grade (i.e. A+, B, C, etc). I've shown them the final scores and also the unit points but..


  1. UW doesn't use GPA. They will only matter if you apply to another program/school afterwards if it requires GPA. UW uses numerical grades so we don't have them converted to letters. Just calculate your average.

  2. Convert it to this:

  3. Tell your parents to fuck off

  4. Tell them that you have a 4.0. You should take advantage of their ignorance.

  5. Waterloo has a particular scheme.

    For the first digit:
    B - 7
    C - 6
    D - 5
    F - anything under 50

    For the second digit:
    + - 7-9
    None - 4-6
    - - 0-3

    Exception is for A, where 80-84 is an A-, 85-89 is an A, and 90+ is A+. You can find documentation for this on the back of old transcripts. This has been my experience in how a number of different courses have been marked.

  6. Seriously? Are you an adult? If so then they don't need to know that shit. Why don't you stop being such a little bitch and send stand up to em? You must be asian

    1. Eh. If they're paying for it in any significant way, they're entitled to know how it's going.