OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, May 14


QUESTION: I wanna surprise someone with a coffee but I don't know how he takes his coffee. I also can't ask around to find out. Should I just get a black with cream and sugar on the side ? Or should I just ask him directly and insist even if he says no need?


  1. Get the cream and sugar on the side.

    Also, thank you for cracking me up.

  2. I would never refuse a free coffee, unless it came black without any sweetener. Double-double seems like a safe bet.

  3. Swing a conversation that way sometime and be like "man the persona timmies put way too much milk in my coffee this morning. It was terrible, I only like a little bit. How do you like your coffee anyway? "

    1. Wow yeah this totally doesn't sound scripted.

      I don't see why OP doesn't just take him to Timmies, tell him she's paying for the coffee, and let him decide what he wants?

      Or just ask him, "What do you like in your coffee?" and then just surprise him sometime. That would be pretty cute.

  4. This is such a weird question. Why do you want to get this guy a coffee so desperately?

  5. One cream, one sugar is probably a safe bet if you're really worried about it. If this guy isn't a dick he'll appreciate the gesture regardless of how he usually takes his coffee.

  6. One cream/sugar is pretty neutral. On the side is also reasonable, especially for people like me who like their coffee black. =)