OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, May 14


QUESTION: How have people's experience with reddit gifts been? They have the Arbitrary Day one happening soon and I'm curious to do it


  1. I sent one to my match, but the person who was matched with me never sent me anything. So yeah, not participating again.

  2. Brother did Secret Santa on reddit and ended up getting the whole novel set of Game of Thrones. It was pretty sweet and over the set budget.
    So gamble?

  3. Some people get lucky others don't. I have personally not tried because I think it would suck to go all out and put a lot of effort into a gift and receive a thoughtless shitty gift in return. My friend spent at least two weeks making her gift for the secret santa two years ago, and the person who received it LOVED it. It even won an award for the best handmade gift. But her secret santa sent her a dusty old bag of margarita mix (even thought she specified that she doesn't drink), and a hair scrunchy, and he didn't even send it to her until the middle of January.

    A lot of people abuse the system to try and get an awesome expensive gift, and then send shit they had lying around the house as their gift.