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Updated on Monday, May 12


How much does failing a term affect future coop employment?


  1. depends how well you can bounce back and make it sound like a truly one time deal.
    i failed a term but that was mainly because i was in the wrong program.
    i did have a hard time finding a first co-op job, but once i had some work experience under my belt from my part time job, i was able to get that first co-op job :)

  2. very much so i'd expect

  3. Sometimes it's luck, and it also depends on what the employer is looking for! My supervisor said he saw my previous experiences and he believed the job he was offering would help me learn more. He was very nice.
    Plus I think mark/ GPA does not mean everything.

  4. I'm not sure what program you're in, but I did very poorly in my 1A, not exactly failing but pretty close (55-60 average). But I pulled up my grades in 1B and was able to get a job. Some employers did ask about the marks but I said it was a learning opportunity, etc. But yeah, previous work experience that's even remotely related will definitely up your chances.

  5. Tbh, I think it depends more on the industry you're going for and the abundance of employment opportunities that exist. I know plenty of talented students who've had trouble finding jobs in certain industries while others, despite less than stellar grades, have had no trouble finding co-op jobs.