OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, May 12


QUESTION: Is there anywhere on/near campus I can get tested for bone marrow type? I need to get tested to possibly save my neighbors life.


  1. try the hospital? the one your neighbor is dying in?

  2. Not sure but lookup Onematch, or have your neighbour's doctor order a test. Best of luck I hope the match works out. My cousin had leukemia and required 3 donations from great people like you, over the course of his life.

  3. It's incredibly unlikely that you and your neighbour are the same type... I am totally in support of this - just saying.

    1. Ya, we have gone through almost everyone we know to try to find a match. No one bothered to tell me until last weekend that he has been in the hospital for some time now. I am pretty much the only person around him who hasn't been tested, and it doesn't look like he will make it through the summer. I know where I could get tested back home, just not around here, going to try the hospital and hope for the best.