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Updated on Wednesday, May 7


Which party would you vote for in the upcoming provincial election and why?


  1. The one I am a card-carrying member of.

  2. I have no clue. They all suck for different reasons. I'm thinking the Liberals suck the least but we'll see how the campaign goes.

  3. NDP. Tories and Fibs aren't getting my vote.

    At the end of the day, they're all bastards. It's sad but true...

  4. PC. We can' afford another left-wing government in this province.

  5. I hate all of them honestly.

    NDP's Horwath is just another wannabe Layton. She is going to bring down a lame Liberal government just to try to get official opposition status where if she is anything like the federal NDP they won't know what the fuck to do with it. She is also an idiot for bringing down a very NDP-friendly liberal budget so it's all about politics.

    The cons... do I even have to start?

    The liberals... inept and incompetent. Nuff said.

    Greens... looking into them.

    Independent... looking into them as well.

  6. I plan on following the election until the last day, and then deciding who to vote for.

    I admit I am surprised to see such a huge amount of negativity towards the politicians. Everyone has unique views, so surely one does not expect one of three people to represent them perfectly. Since I doubt anyone else will say it, while I disagree on many issues with each of the three major parties, I greatly respect their leaders and think I would be proud to call any one of them my premier.

  7. None of their views align with mine. I consider myself a progressive conservative yet the NDP align closest to my ideals. (These conservatives are anything but progressive

    The liberals appear to have been doing a rather lousy job and waste more money the longer they're in office, so may as well vote NDP.

    Goddamn greens don't base any of their environmentalism on science. There is middle ground between "no pipelines" and "pipelines with zero environmental regulations". And they insist on going off nuclear power despite not having any alternatives. Yet they seem to figure that having access to a fraction of the energy we have now won't push society back a few hundred years. These people appear to have thought about the consequences of their ideals as much as anarchists.