OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, May 7


QUESTION: What is your daily 'clean' routine? Let's help some people out and state gender please.


  1. Get up. Have a shit. Shower, then shave. Wipe ass a second time to get that squeaky clean feeling. Brush teeth and mouthwash. Put on antiperspirant. Get dressed. Go out.

    1. I didn't know anyone else did the after shower ass wipe. I thought I was a weirdo, but how else do you get the water out of there?

  2. If my face is a little puffy, I'll put on an ice
    pack while doing my stomach crunches

    After I remove the icepack, I use a deep
    pore-cleanser lotion. In the shower, I use a
    water-activated gel cleanser, then a honey-almond body
    scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub.

    Then I apply an herb mint facial masque which
    I leave on for ten minutes while I prepare the rest of my

    I always use an after-shave lotion with little
    or no alcohol because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm, followed by a final moisturizing "protective" lotion

    Ready to go. Male.

    1. I fucking love you for this man. :D

  3. Female here....
    Have some coffee and breakfast
    Have a shower AFTERWARDS (having coffee after shower always seems to lead to spilling coffee all over myself and then needing another shower to get it all off essentially)
    Put on lotion right after getting out of shower
    Brush teeth naked for easy removal of tooth paste that falls out of my mouth
    Brush my face naked for similar reasoning
    Tone, moisturise, sunscreen, the whole deal
    Put on clothing
    Blow dry/brush hair
    Do makeup
    Then sometimes I bother with styling my hair....sometimes I don't...whatever I have time for.
    (that's morning)

    As for night, just the usual brush teeth/face, floss, etc