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Updated on Monday, May 5


Does anyone know whether or not professors have a deadline to post unofficial marks on Quest? Would there be any repercussions for the students if a professor ends up not posting them at all (besides the stress and ulcers)?


  1. *cough* masheen lehrning! *cough*

  2. It doesn't give you much of a chance to look for errors in the grades. I'm not sure what the process would be if a prof screws up your grade, and it's on the official transcript.

  3. There's only a deadline to submit grades, not to submit unofficial grades. It's just that all grades are unofficial until a certain point, not that your instructor uploads a set of unofficial grades and then another set of official ones.

    Professors definitely have to submit their grades. But are there any repercussions if they don't submit them early? No.