OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, May 5


Why is it shameful to be openly attracted to the opposite sex, to the point of being labelled "slut, creep, weirdo" etc. Did I miss a day from health class in high school or something? Why all the hate?


  1. I respect you. Its not weird most people are so insecure. They complain about being hit on and then not being hit on. Girl: he's so creepy! omg no one likes me wahhhhhhhhh. I rest my case.

  2. If by "openly" you mean bothering people in public spaces and not respecting boundaries, that is a good reason to be hated on.

    1. So we're then supposed to privately creep and stalk people? Show up at their house at 1AM and appear in the bushes? I'm not following.

    2. +1 for 2.

      What 2 means by bothering people in public spaces is when you make indecent/ repeated advances at people who do not feel the same way about you, or making crazy eyes at the person you like.

      No one is asking for 2a to show up at their house at 1am.

    3. 2a are you incapable of admiring someone in a respectful way? I really don't understand what is so unfathomable about what 2 suggested.