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Updated on Monday, May 5


I'm in ARBUS and I'm 3% too low to declare the major I want. (I fucked up the final.) My Arbus and overall average is above 70% from my two terms. Has this happened to anyone before and what happened to you? (and yes, I contacted Susan Andrews and she told me nothing of use)


  1. Hasn't happened to me directly, but I do know that it's okay to declare your major a little later. Since it seems that you just finished your 1B, it should be okay for you to take another few classes in your intended major next year (or even online) to boost your average and then re-apply to be declared.
    I think you could also "declare" as a major in an elective you took this year, and just switch after you get the average need.

  2. I don’t know about this situation, but in the future don't waste your time with S Andrews. She is a terrible advisor.

    1. OP here: I've only had terrible experiences with her, my first email to her lead to a reply from her in which she insulted my intelligence. Just wondering who you would recommend I speak with instead?

    2. She's pretty much the worst.

  3. It only matters if in you're in coop. If you're in coop, you need to declare your major before September in order to stay in ARBUS co-op program. I would suggest taking a course in the summer term (maybe online if you're not around Waterloo).

    If you're not in co-op, it doesn't even matter. You can go in and out of arbus as many times as you want as long as you finish all the required courses by graduation.