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Updated on Monday, May 5


QUESTION: For those that deactivate Facebook indefinitely - what made you do it?


  1. To regain blissful ignorance

  2. just for the people who don't know, and actually want to cure the disease that is facebook by killing it (deleting account) vs. covering it up with a band-aid (deactivate) here is the link:

  3. People posting selfies and then dozens of other people liking it, people posting pictures of their food, posting status updates that were unabashed calls for attention (a great one I remember is "no questions, just hugs please"), the general gross misuse of the English language, any link to Buzzfeed or similar list/content-aggregation sites, and reading arguments where neither side had any idea of what they were talking about, among others.
    TL;DR - Facebook reminds me of how amazingly self-absorbed and in need of constant approval some people are. However, I did like the links to interesting articles and new music that people would post.

  4. I was depressed in the fall and seeing other people document only the positive things about their lives (relationships, trips, new cars, good food, etc) did not help me one bit. Ever since I deactivated, I have nobody to compare my life too and I've been feeling a lot better about my own ever since. No regrets.

    1. nobody to compare my life to*

  5. My ability to not ask intrusive questions was a major driving force in making that decision.

  6. I agree with 4. I don't like seeing everyone being awesomely happy all the time when I'm sitting alone in my apartment wondering why my life isn't that awesome (yes I know "make it awesome" but that's difficult when dealing with mental health problems and school work)
    Also I began to find there were more people I wanted to avoid on facebook (family members, people from high school I no longer want to associate with, etc) than people I wanted to connect to. So I kinda figured I'd just use Skype and texting to connect with the people I want to connect with, and it'd be about the same... I do feel like I'm kinda missing out on school events though....sometimes my friends are like "why didn't you come to this??" and I'm like "I never heard of it because I never happened to come across any posters and I don't use facebook....."