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Updated on Thursday, May 1


How do you go about finding a place for co-op in a different city? I have to move for work this summer and trying to find a place is terrible/scary, especially since I won't be able to see the place before I move there.


  1. kijiji? craigslist?

    make a list of what is offered, the prices and the amenities and compare them. Contact the top 5 on the list and see if you know someone in the area to proxy their visit.

    I actually lived with some Indian guy for a week in Ottawa (paid him $80) and found a place nearby in that time that would take me. Seeing as I didn't want to waste a whole weekend to drive up and look at places.

  2. Kijiji mostly... the same way that the rest of the population hunts for an apartment for any other reason???

  3. You should also consider university residences from other schools, if its a summer co-op. Keep in mind most other universities have barely any students in the summer, and would gladly rent out their residences for cheaper than normal.

  4. Consider whether you can afford to move in a week early, rent a hotel, and use that extra time to find a place to live.

  5. Craigslist/kijiji. If I get lucky, corporate housing can be pretty great.

  6. kijiji
    I try to get a friend from the area to check out a couple houses, or get a skype tour. But usually just wing it. You can tell from the emails sometimes how the landlords are, and from that if you can trust the pictures.