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Updated on Thursday, May 1


QUESTION: First coop. New city. New place. No friends.Need guidance on what you guys do during coop?


  1. Find the watpub group for your city. They'll definitely be having events for co-ops. Are there other students at your company? Befriend them. Met some of the coolest people like that.

  2. Is there a university-type campus nearby? If so, join a campus club and you'll have a bunch of new friends (and weekend events) in no time.

    If that fails, check out meetup .com, every *large* city has at least a bunch of young and single or interest-based groups that plan events online and invite other people.

  3. I worked out a lot, got super good at playing a few video games a little drunks, and joined a local club for an active interest of mine. If I could do it again I'd try to meet more people my age but being alone most of the time didn't bother me much.

  4. Meet other coop people and hang out!

  5. I would give the same advice as the above.

    If you're single, you could sign up for online dating. If you're a decent looking girl and you're living in a relatively big city, you could probably score a date every weekend.

    But I would definitely recommend watpub/hanging out with other co-ops at your workplace over online dating if you're just feeling lonely and want to make friends.