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QUESTION: Any more UWaterloo students who felt cheated by Bell via the 54 dollar unlimited internet publicized heavily all over campus in Fall?

As a University of Waterloo student I feel cheated by Bell. Fall 2013, Bell heavily publicized free internet at 54 dollars per month with no contract all over campus that was very popular among students. Since last 2 months, Bell is now charging me 94 dollars a month without any notice. On contacting customer service to cancel services as I can't ( most students can't) afford to pay hugely inflated bills, Bell Canada compulsorily makes me pay for the last month at 94 a month citing a 30 day notice. Is this fair? The rates were increased without sending the students a notice.
Greatly disappointed.

Dear Mr Cope, In your open letter to all canadians, you stated Bell plays fair - well here Bell is being unprofoundly unfair to all Canadians


  1. I remember Bell trying to pitch this at my front door. I've heard so many stories of my family members have head-aches trying to deal with Bell that I just said no, straight away. I feel like Rogers and Bell are competing to see who can fuck us over the most.

  2. Bell is the worst. They add all these extra fees on their shit; fuck em.

  3. Bell is the scum of the earth. You Should've known. Use teksavvy

  4. "Free internet at 54 dollars per month"? Huh? O.o

  5. This is exactly what happened to my roommates & I !! They randomly hiked the price to 94$ so we have each been paying $20 a month in Internet :S luckily we got out and start a new one may 1 but they wouldn't let us out til the "contract" was up ... I think we got scammed.

  6. Fuck Bell. I moved in the middle of this term. I was paying something like $45/mo for 60 gb of the slowest available bell internet, because I signed up for that plan a long time ago. When I moved they said I'd have to "upgrade" my plan. I'd have to pay $55 for 50 gb of the slowest available internet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I was like, "Just to clarify, I'd have to pay ten dollars more for ten fewer gb than I'm already getting." "Yes that is correct." WHAT.

    Thank god TekSavvy services my area now, because now I pay like $33 for 75gb of slightly faster internet (I still go for slower range because I'm cheap), the customer service is way better and friendlier and SPEAKS ENGLISH, and besides some initial troubles with setting it up [which tech support was very helpful with] I have since had no issues.

    1. I love Teksavvy!
      Everything about them is great, they are so friendly and helpful.

    2. Yeah teksavvy is da bomb, no problems.

    3. Paying even less than this "promotional deal" costs for my unlimited Teksavvy internet. Having the time of my life. Woooo!

  7. Pretty sure I remember seeing the fine print saying it was a promotional deal for the first few months. As much as Bell and Rogers are the scum of the earth, it's your responsibility to read the fine print before you sign a contract.

  8. For those looking for alternatives, Start Communications are really good, too:
    - Excellent rates; they're about $10-15 cheaper than Rogers for each speed tier
    - Their quotas are great; plus for an extra $10 each month, you can get an unlimited quota
    - They charge a flat rate of $5 per month for their modems, irrespective of the speed you choose
    - Uploads don't count as part of your quota
    - You get free downloads between 2 AM and 8 AM.
    - Next-level customer service
    - They've got a referral program

    I haven't tried Teksavvy myself, but I've heard that they're good, too. Some of the previous comments clearly argue the same.

    I know this might sound like an ad for Start, but honestly, I've been super happy with them that I'm recommending them to everyone.

  9. I think the promotions are only for 8 months. I remember dealing with this for the past two years. You just need to change your plan from may-aug. It's a pain, but thats what you get if you want the "deals".