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Updated on Tuesday, April 29


QUESTION: Are the mock interviews at TC really useful? Last term I was selected for over twelve interviews, and was only ranked for two positions. I definitely don't get nervous during interviews (novelty wore off after third interview) and I always take the time to research the company beforehand, answering their questions as best as I can.

Is there any tips and tricks that could make you stand out to the employer or interesting questions to ask them? Granted that this is only my first co-op term, but I missed out on some positions I really wanted. What can I do to improve myself for my next co-op term? I'm in ARBUS btw (no joke).


  1. I had 5 interview total for Spring 2014, and I got ranked for all five and got three offers. A large chunk of that is probably because the other applicants weren't too impressive or whatever, but this is what I found.

    You know that section where you put something about yourself on your resume? That section is one of the reasons that I got interviews. Every employer asked me about the stuff I put down there, just because it was reasonably unique from other applicants.

    Another tip is: employers love it when you talk about your weaknesses and how you're currently addressing them.

    1. Wait...which section is this?

  2. The mock interviews will be useful because even if you are getting interviews, then maybe you need to practice tailoring the responses to common questions. You can always do a drop in or book an appointment with a Career Advisor. They are always hoping to help.