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Updated on Tuesday, April 29


Does anybody here watch Hannibal? What are your thoughts on the new season? (personally I'm loving it, and I'm really excited for the Verger siblings' storyline to come in)


  1. I really like some episodes, some I find a bit boring. Also, I'm vaguely starting to want all the people on the show to die because they're all being stupid. Overall, happy with where its going.

  2. I really like it since I can rewatch episodes here and there and get something new out of them every time

  3. In love with this series and I'm loving this season as well. Completely different type of pace compared to first season; love how fast everything is coming out to the open. No more subtlety with the kind of person Hannibal really is, and seeing Will's transformation as a character is amazing.

  4. so into mads mikkelsen. He is dreamy, to die for, etc