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Updated on Friday, April 25


QUESTION: OK. So I'm in this do or die situation where I have to take the following courses all in one semester:

BIOL 130 and 130L
CHEM 267 and 267L
PHYS 112 and 112L
BIOL 239
PHYS 111L (I've already gotten the mechanics credit, just need the lab)

For those of you who have taken these with lab, just how demanding is taking all of them at once?

I want to know how much to brace myself. :(


  1. Sounds manageable. Three of the labs are biweekly, shouldn't be hard to fit them all in.
    130 is ok, 130L is easy
    267 is hard, 267L is hard without someone's labs/lab-book
    112 is ok, do the practice questions, the curve is crazy
    111L & 112L are easy-ish, not too time-consuming
    239 is ok, can skip lecture and listen to her podcasts, cram a lot

    What marks are u hoping to get? 80's will be hard. Just passing with 60s should be doable.

  2. Uhhh, I thought you could only take a maximum of 6 credits per term.

    1. OP is taking 3.0 credits, and first year biochem kids take all 3.5 (five course four labs)

  3. Biol 130 is considered an easier course for science kids but personally I didnt find it that easy. Not all the material in it is high school material as alot of people say. Final imo was difficult. The lab is prety easy. Shouldnt spend too much time with it
    Chem 267 is hard if you're not good at understanding chemistry concepts.. but if you're good at chemistry then you'll do well if you keep up. final was worth 70% if i recall. The lab is also difficult and it helps to have a good TA that can help.
    Physics 112 is okay if you keep up with the material. Personally I found Physics 111 easier.
    Biol 239 is hard.. much more difficult than biol 130 and requires a deeper understanding of the material. The tutorial was easy and worth 25% of your mark so do well in it to help your mark.
    Overall the term is definitely doable. If you want to get As its going to take alot of work.. Hardest courses out of those imo are Orgo and Genetics. I know people who got 100 in orgo since they understood the concepts well. The course itself isnt too time consuming though. Genetics is more time consuming because of the tutorial. I would say if you have good standings in your other science courses then you will be fine. But if you've been struggling and getting60s then omit a lab to lessen the workload.

  4. Everyone is different in terms of how difficult they find a course to be depending on their strengths. Personally, I found PHYS 112 super easy with Idziak, I got a 97, it was much easier than PHYS 111. BIOL 130L isn't very hard if you've taken a BIOL lab before and know how to write a good biology lab report. The experiments weren't difficult, but having good TA's will make a difference.
    BIOL 130 course has a lot of material and requires knowing little nitty-gritty details so I found it to be much more difficult than BIOL 239 which has easy concepts that can be applied to a variety of questions for the first 1/2 of the course. Also, BIOL 239 has a tutorial which is an easy 12% of your mark, and if you do the bonus online quiz/activity things you get an extra 5% on top of your mark. CHEM 267L lab is super easy if you have Marta, he makes the lab course a breeze and is always willing to answer your questions and if you show up with attempted answers, he guides you until you get the right one. The actual course for CHEM 267 was brutal, it was much much harder than CHEM 266, and half the class failed the second midterm. They must have bell curved it hardcore because I got a 35% on the first and a 55% on the second midterm and ended up with a mark in the high 60's. Lastly, the PHYS labs were absolutely brutal. They were really stressful as you have to collect all of the data and do calculations and draw graphs and hand everything in by the end of the lab period. If you're lucky, you'll get a really good TA and things will be much better. The only good thing about the PHYS labs is that they require less than an hour of prep (writing equations and performing any calculations that you can beforehand) before each lab and they're due at the end of the period so you don't have to spend hours on the report like you do for BIOL and CHEM.
    Overall, you're in for a pretty rough semester, but if you stay on top of things you should make it through okay.

  5. It's more than doable! you just need to manage your time well!

  6. Be careful of labs. Is there a way you can drop one they are very time consuming and stressful. I see you have many, good luck my friend. Are you in second year? If so I think physics is offered in the summer.

  7. How difficult they are depends on the individual. I found them to be a breeze but many others have found a few of those difficult. The only thing is you'll have a relatively full schedule. Just go to class and you'll be fine.

    1. Modest much, we all don't have people giving us last years notes/labs buddy.

  8. ^ a lot of people do actually, especially those that do well

  9. OP here. Thanks for all the advice guys, much appreciated. I'm most worried about 239....I heard Dupont is hard.

  10. That's not that hard. You must be in biomed so you get to take all the easier chems and phys. biol 130/130L was a joke. can be really specific in what she wants but it wasn't conceptually hard.

  11. Those are joke courses. Don't kid yourself.