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Updated on Friday, April 25


QUESTION: Does anyone know who to contact in order to report harassment while working on campus? I've already tried contacting my manager, but is there someone with more authority I can report things to?


  1. Your manager could report it to human resources if it gets serious but in my experience they don't do much either.

  2. PRESS THE ISSUE! Unfortunately a lot of managers are timid in these situations, and the victim must press the issue to see it resolved. If your manager won't do anything about it, go to their manager and complain that they're not helping. Go to human resources. Talk to campus police.

    Good luck and stay strong!

  3. Under Policy 33, you should contact the manager of the individual against whom your complaint is directed, and probably also talk to the Conflict Management and Human Rights Office. If that doesn't work, just keep escalating until you end up high enough that someone has to get cranky.

    1. the higher up it goes the more chance it'll end up with public relations or legal

  4. What type of harassment was it, sexual, or some other type?

  5. where did the harassment happen? did anyone you go to help?