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Updated on Friday, April 25


QUESTION: Currently heading into my 2B Spring term, and I feel so completely lost. Initially I was planning on pursuing an MBA after university, but recently I've also been having thoughts about switching programs and forgoing the MBA. Either way, its still two more years of extra schooling. I still haven't decided whether I completely like my program, but I hear other students getting co-ops out of their field and close family friends graduating and getting jobs not relevant to their undergrad studies (my cousin graduated in sciences and now works at a bank).

Any thoughts, comments or advice on what route I should take? I try not to compare myself to other people, but when I hear experiences like these, I question the validity of any degree, leaving me wondering if its worth switching programs.


  1. You need several years worth of work experience for an MBA so just do something you're interested in and that has good employment opportunities. You can always write the GMAT later in life and MBA programs will prefer the work and life experience.

  2. I know it's super stressful right now, but what you do for your undergrad doesn't determine what you do in life. Even in professional degrees like engineering, a lot of people end up in management. Do what makes you happy and focus on networking with people who are in industries you're interested in getting into.

  3. Are you in the science faculty? I just finished up my coop term at the software development branch of an insurance company and there was a full time employee there (young guy, graduated from UW a few years ago) and he has a bachelor's in physics but he is working in mathematical risk modeling for insurance policies.

  4. You seem stressed out, chill a bit. If it too much don't think about life 5 years done the road. Do what make you happy in the present. Like if your program is shit; idk it seem kinda late to switch out. Take a minor in your courses you like. My advice is to get a hobby or something to do. This fill your worrying time. Also think about it like this switching you will have to be on this campus longer; it gets depressing.

    -4B Science student ({hates it though, but almost done :) }