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Updated on Tuesday, April 22


Does anyone have experience renting with Hoffaco?


  1. I went to look at a few of their apartments. I wasn't impressed - the prices were good but the places didn't match their description. As an example, one place said 'full kitchen', when it was just a bar fridge, bring your own microwave, and no place for an over.

    They are awful.

    It's like pulling teeth getting them to do anything or answer any questions.
    The only contact information puts you in contact with a call centre- the people working there know nothing. The only thing they can do is call a contractor, or get a property manager to 'call you back' (they never do).

    The apartment I rented was a hell hole. Mold everywhere, and moisture problems so bad the walls were dripping wet. I had contractors come to remove the mold numerous times. The last time they came they painted a huge white blotch over top of the mold, and that was it.
    When I called to ask if they were coming back (I was trying to sublet the place at them time, and it looked awful), I was told someone would "call me back", and of course no one did.

    If all you need is a contractor, no problem. If you have any actual questions- it takes months to get any sort of response.

  3. Similar experience to 2 (though our apartment was newly renovated - not Hoffaco's doing). We had a couple odd jobs that would only have required maybe 1-2 hours of work, but we must have emailed them 6 or 7 times over the course of 5 months reminding them that these things needed to be taken care of. They would send the contractor each time, they would see what work needed to be done (even though we had already describe to them what the problem was) and then they'd say "we'll call and be back tomorrow to fix this". Did that ever happen? No. (Eventually the roomie did send a pretty blunt email saying we'd been asking repeatedly for these jobs to be done. That week they finally had someone come and do the repairs.)

    They also say, "Emails are only checked every 3 or so days, so if there is anything urgent, please call. Please state immediately if it is an emergency." How does that make any sense? It's a property management company - shouldn't they be managing their properties and taking care of their tenants DAILY? Not 2-3 times a week? And I'm pretty sure they have an office, so how is it that someone isn't using their email while in the office and if you're gonna pick up the phone, wouldn't it be more convenient for everyone if you just checked your email?

    Maybe this is just me being overly annoyable, but it grinds my gears. This all being said, from the things I hear about companies like Domus and KW4Rent, I don't think Hoffaco is terrible, just a little unorganized.

    TL;DR They aren't too timely, but I think it could have been much worse.

    1. They are TERRIBLY unorganized.