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Has anyone cheated on an exam? If so, did you get away with it?


  1. I see what you are trying to do, trying to get us to spill the beans and track our IP address, well good luck tracking this CSIS IP address

  2. I almost cheated on a final exam once. Well it was me and 5 other friends, it was a group effort. We couldn't fail or it would jeopardize our futures, so we planned to steal the answers to the exam. One of the girl's dad owned the building so we devised a plan. On the eve of the exam, she arranged for me and my friend to have a meeting near the top floor, staying after closing. While the rest waited outside and watched the night guard until we had successfully stolen the answers.

    The first part of the plan goes well, we successfully dodged security cameras and the night guard. However, the answers were located on a computer, and only the technical genius could crack the password; he and the other two get into the building, and he correctly guessed the password after seeing a photograph of an employee. Still, the answers couldn't be printed, so we took the test with their combined knowledge and got the answers that way. In the early hours of morning, we finished and had all the answers written down.
    Just then, the guard ascended the stairs, and we tried to escape through the ceiling; however, one of the girls got left behind and is about to be discovered, so I purposefully gave himself up in order to save her. Everyone else escaped, but we each faced a certain confrontation before the exam: one guy's brother asked him if he's really worse than a thief, I was bailed out by the girl, the other girl fould independence from her parents, and the technical genius decided to quit smoking marijuana because that shit rots your brains and is more addictive than heroin.
    Before the final began, we realized that, although it would help us get what we want, we would be better off without cheating. The computer genius grabbed the answers and distributed them in the bathroom.We were all in the bathroom before the exam and decided not to cheat. Me and the girl I bailed out hooked up. We each got the marks we wanted without cheating Kyle's dream of becoming an architect is still alive by attending Syracuse University, Desmond ends up going to St. John's, Matty becomes an actor, Francesca writes a novel (which is about six kids who conspire to steal the answers to the SAT), and Anna decides to travel to Europe for a while before starting college. As for Roy - the narrator of the movie - he earned the highest SAT in the county, and, under Desmond's mom's guidance, he gets a GED. He then puts his untapped intelligence to use through programming, becoming a successful video game designer.

    Also this is the plot to the movie, “The Perfect Heist” starring Chris Evans and Scarlett Johanssen.

    1. ^ That would have been really good if anyone actually took the time to read all that, and maybe you if included some details about Waterloo.

    2. I never watched the movie and I was too lazy to do anything but change some pronouns and tenses from the wiki page.

    3. The movie is actually called The Perfect Score

  3. A friend of mine once printed all an entire essay on a vitamin bottle label and brought it in with her to her history final