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Updated on Tuesday, April 29


Is "Very good" a good evaluation? or should I bargain for "Excellent"?


  1. A very good evaluation is very good.

  2. If it was a good, I'd say bargain. For very good I would just stick with it. I think that's a fair evaluation. The employer probably likes you and you could use them as a reference. If you try to get it bumped up your employer might not be a usable reference.

  3. No its pretty crappy.

  4. I wouldn't suggest bargaining because I feel like that would make you look really annoying. You need these people for references.

    However, get ready to answer "Why did you only get 'very good'?" in future interviews.

    Your employer probably likes you and thinks you were VERY GOOD but the other idiots in UW's co op system think it's excellent or bust and act like you must have done something wrong.

  5. I would try bargaining in a nice way (ask why you got a very good and if there's a chance it could be bumped up). A very good is not good in my opinion. But the amount of pushing you should do depends on how set the employer is on the very good. You'll have to use your judgment. Just don't get annoying.

    I was once able to push up my very good to an excellent because my employer first gave me a very good but asked if I had any input about it.

  6. I recently bumped up the very good to an excellent. I know my supervisor was reading the evaluation very literally and if you do, Very Good is actually a great eval. But I know of a lot of employers don't and so the ratings are inflated. So I explained that to my supervisor and told her that I agree with her evaluation IF it is taken literally, but for the sake of future hiring purposes I'm worried that going from excellents in the past to a very good could hurt my chances as that's all other employers see. She agreed with me and changed my eval :)