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Updated on Friday, April 18


QUESTION: What's your worst exam experience (ie someone vomiting, bad odours, rickety chair/desk ect.)?


  1. Realizing its today and not tomorrow, rushing to PAC on a bike in December, arriving an hour late. Biol 303 was a blast.

  2. First year engineering physics exam.. there were people crying in the exam

    1. I cried after that exam.
      Somehow I passed the course.

  3. i had a mega nosebleed all over my exam once and ended up freaking out the proctor.
    i feel sorry for whomever had to mark it.

  4. Two hour exam, every minute or so some guy would snork and someone else's phone was vibrating, no word of a lie, every 5-10 seconds nonstop for an hour and a half. I decided to speed up and do a shit job so I could get out of there and not snap. SPCOM 228. Arseholes

  5. CS 246 Fall 2011 in PAC - motherfucker sitting close to me started rotating a Rubik's cube about half way though the exam.

    I blame myself for not asking a Proctor (who were all too far away to hear/see) to RIP THE MOFO'S MOUTH OPEN AND SHIT DOWN HIS THROAT!

  6. To start off, I write exams in OPD because any kind of noise seriously distracts me during high-pressure tasks like exams (mostly due to serious anxiety...noises make it worse). One time I was writing in OPD and this one guy kept talking to himself and complaining out loud about his exam. I just sat there wondering if I should find a proctor, or whatever. Eventually a while later a proctor came in and he was removed from the room. It was really awkward and I was already on the verge of an anxiety attack, not a good experience at all.