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Updated on Wednesday, April 16


QUESTION: Could a bad first co-op term (as in- I didn't learn anything and you could have called me the human scanner, had asked & was not given actual work) ruin my chances of getting a decent co-op job for my second co-op term?

My first job is pretty... bleak. Would employers look into that fact?


  1. Just figure out how to spin it to sound like you were important. Don't be like 'oh I scanned documents'. Be like 'I was instrumental in the production of blah blah blah' or something like that. Co-op employers KNOW you have had only menial tasks (depending on your discipline, you'll probably have menial tasks for the entirety of your co-op career) but if you don't interview well about it, you'll shoot yourself in the foot. Seriously, though, everybody is just an office bitch the first, second, maybe all co-op terms because you're a temp worker, let's face it, they won't trust you with very important things. Of course, your experience sounds particularly menial but that's still not rare. Emphasize that you took initiative and sought out additional work where possible. Even if you have literally 1 example of that ever working, just use the shit out of that example.

    TL;DR Don't worry too much about it, just wordsmith it to sound more important than it was but they're not going to be surprised any co-op's experiences were menial labour.

    1. Employers dont expect you to be able to do much until you are more upper year and have more advanced knowledge of the field. So if you did shit nothing for your first co-op term, that is fine, just show you are willing to work and wiling to learn.

  2. Even if they did look into it, the fact that you had a job, and (hopefully) you got a good review will be enough for most employers.

  3. I had a job like that for my first co-op but I did a bunch of volunteer work on the side. I got a pretty good job for my second co-op because of my volunteer work.

  4. I know people with no job that got great ones.

    Don't worry. You found a job your first term. That's good enough and a good achievement for sure!