OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, April 15


QUESTION: Thoughts on HRM 200? Heard it used be a bird course but recently the course has changed and is rather difficult.


  1. I just took it this term. prof is nice, 3 tests and 1 group project, no final exam

  2. I just took it this term as well...
    Not easy, at least not anymore.
    However, I did deserve the shitty mark i'm about to get.

  3. Just took it this term. Prof is useless. Slides are straight from Pearson. Access code required for mandatory quizzes and slides. Exams are all test bank questions from Pearson. Memorize the textbook and you'll do well, otherwise good luck. Worst and laziest professor I've ever encountered in my 4 years of undergrad. Not to mention how many TA's she has. It must be soooo hard to mark those scantrons to those exams she didn't create.

    1. This sounds extremely harsh, but +1. The questions are tested on trivial details, and involves intense memorization. The quizzes are annoying, too. It isn't impossible to do well in the course (my prospective grade is between 90-2%), but it isn't a reflection of the professor or the class, but of my BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS.