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Updated on Tuesday, April 15


QUESTION: Has anyone backpacked in southeast asia? Do you have suggestions for footwear to bring?


  1. Don't bring toms!

  2. Since backpacking means space is a premium, I would say one pair of standard hiking boots, one pair of sandals & one pair of converse.

    The reason I say sandals (or slip ons) is because southeast asia in the summer is gonna be hot, hot, hot.

    Also street shopping is pretty cheap there. Even cheaper with currency exchange. You could skip taking too many clothes or shoes with you!

    1. Agreed but instead of converse + hiking boots just bring really good running shoes that will do for both. You don't want your backpack filled with shoes! I just tied my running shoes onto the outside of my bag.

      Agree with shopping being cheap! Bring less stuff and buy stuff there!

      And don't forget flip flops for all the showers.

    2. Yes. Listen to 2a and 4.

  3. depends on where

    i'd say sandals if you had only 1 choice

    2 reasons:

    monsoon season in lots of the countries means you'll be in the rain a lot

    location by the equator means it's gonna be hot all the time

    bring boots only for trekking and stuff