OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, April 15


Anyone ever been accused of breaking academic integrity? I have to meet with the Dean next week because there was suspicions about an essay I submitted.


  1. Gather up as many of your previous drafts as possible (hopefully you actually know how to save files and don't just save over the same file when you add more) Get any sort of relevant information that shows how your ideas are organic.

    If you're guilty well then fuck you have fun.

    1. If they think you copied, you can also bring other essays of yours to show your writing style is consistent.

      If it's a problem with citation, say you're sorry, you didn't know you were doing it wrong, and see comment 2.

      If there is some other reason, identify the reason and provide evidence supporting your integrity. If you did nothing wrong you should be okay.

    2. "Actually know how to save files" ??? I'm pretty sure pressing the save button counts as knowing how to save files.

    3. 1b you've never worked on anything enterprise level have you? You shouldn't save over an existing file. If you need to go back or the file gets corrupted, you're screwed. Server backups only run overnight, so day to day changes are vulnerable. This might not matter when you're working on shit for school, but trying to explain to your boss why you've lost 5 hours of work is not a conversation you want to have.

  2. I did. all they do is make you take this course that shows you how to properly paraphrase/cite and what to cite. two nights, eight hours total-It was super informative and I think everyone should take it. It doesn't show on your transcript, but if you get caught again, you're out.

  3. Deny everything, Baldrick.