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Updated on Tuesday, April 15


Did anyone who studied abroad get involved with someone in that country? How did things turn out when you had to come back?


  1. I studied abroad and met my boyfriend there. We've been together over two years now and are doing intercontinental long distance. I am moving there in the fall.

    1. Why is it that the girl always moves to be with the guy? Every girl I know that has been in a long distance relationship has moved. As a guy it confuses me why it isn't more even.

  2. I'm moving because my boyfriend is doing his PhD in his home country and therefore wouldn't be able to move for another few years. I'm done University now, so why not start my career elsewhere? It's not about me being a girl, it's about a logical choice. He'd have moved if the tables were turned.

    I'd also like to point out that a friend of mine also met her fiance abroad, and her fiance moved to Canada to be with her.