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Updated on Sunday, April 13


QUESTION: How can I prepare for the ENGL 109 final essay?


  1. by working hard throughout the course. Oh wait.

  2. I assume you're talking about the online one. Go into your textbook and mark off the bibliography section etc... the points you know you will have to flip to. On the final it's basically "write this type of essay on this passage from the book." So just know where to look.

    I think mine was write an argumentative essay or something. So, I just went to that page in the book, found the outline, read the passage and basically copied the format.

    I was not proud of the final essay I wrote, but still got a 90+ in the course. So don't stress about it. Most mindless exam I've ever written. The ELPE was more thought-intensive.

    1. I agree with 2, don't stress too hard on it. I totally bsed my final essay because I got lazy and didn't prepare anything for it and still ended with a 97. It's only 10% of your mark, if you did well on your three essays and your portfolio, the essay will do next to nothing to your mark.