OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, April 11


QUESTION: Whatever happened to the PAC layout on the registrar's exam page? I was going to check to see if PAC 11 and 12 were upper red or upper blue but couldn't find it.


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  2. PAC 11 and 12 should be Upper Blue

    1. You were right. But how do you know that? When I realized it wasn't there anymore I got curious as to whether first years are just supposed to figure it out or what. I can't see them removing it for safety reasons when plant-ops has all of the building lay-outs available. So what's up UW? Why get rid of something that harmed no one and helped quite a few?

    2. I knew it from prior personal knowledge from writing an exam in Upper Blue before and remembering I wrote it in 11.
      I also just did a quick search and found this:
      11/12 is in Upper Blue area.
      I guess they just havent linked it anywhere clear but yeah, it would be frustrating if you didnt know beforehand.