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Updated on Friday, April 11


QUESTION: How much does an unfurnished room normally cost?


  1. This is stupid.

    Depends on the place/location/size


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      Here's a range for student housing in Waterloo. 300-650

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      Depends on if you want a tiny cupboard in a slum house in Kitchener or if you want a huge room right beside campus with an en-suite bath, in-suite laundry, and AC.

      I think if you're looking for something with a moderate-sized room in a location walkable to campus but on a bus route with fair neighbourhood amenities, around $450 +/- $25 utilities included but before internet/laundry is reasonable. I think some of you best value lies in places with 2-3 bedrooms, either apartments or townhouses. More than 3 people living together gets messy and chaotic. I paid $465+internet for the biggest room in a 5 bedroom house on the 9/near the iXpress, $475+internet/laundry for the biggest room in a townhouse a 5 minute walk from the 29, $400+internet/insurance/laundry to share a 1 bedroom apartment with an SO on the 9, and currently pay $455+internet/insurance/laundry for a spacious 2 bedroom apartment on the 9/iXpress.

      Most places that are not air-conditioned will charge extra for you to have an air-conditioner. Most places with air conditioning are newer and charge much higher rent or you will be responsible for utilities, or both. Personally, I find inclusive utilities to be much nicer because then my housing costs are always fixed.