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Updated on Friday, April 11


QUESTION: Ugh so I have come to the realization that I don't like the friends I have made first year. I've made a huge mistake :/ any tips on making new friends second year? Thanks guys!


  1. Join clubs and get super involved in them

  2. Let's be friends! I made the same mistake this year...

  3. Don't be afraid to cut them out of your life once you start hanging out with new people. Or at least hang out with them less and less and less. If you're in science or something, just go to labs without a partner and make friends there. Just talk to anyone. Seriously. Cheesy as it sounds, some of my best friends started out as people I just started talking to in class.

  4. Some of my best friends I found were in clubs. Seriously, we all live together now and it's great because we chose to be friends because we had stuff in common and weren't chosen at random (as people in residence are). I miss some of my first year friends but overall, I don't think we had anything in common to be long term friends.

  5. club clubs clubs

  6. Feel kind of the same way. Met some cool people, but also some nerds who are like an albatross around my neck

  7. Same thing happened to me, old friends were very selfish and I felt mistreated.

    I met new friends at Feds events (as lame as it sounds) at bomber and wherever else the atmosphere is laid back and you are there for the same reasons. Just ask them to hang out at another upcoming event, or try a fitness class with you, or try a new restaurant. Small plans. Form friendship. Drift away from old friends.

    Best thing I ever did!

  8. Thanks for the tips everyone.

    I really wish I would have gone to clubs more and met new people. Now that I think about it, my "friends" treated me like shit. I'm the type of person who'll do anything for the people I care about, and I can't believe it took me so long to figure out that these people are really selfish.

    They put me down a lot by telling me stuff like "Oh what guy would like you, you're [insert adjective]"

    I'm not the type of person to ever say that to anyone because putting people down is wrong, so I thought they wouldn't either and that's why I thought they were joking and didn't take it to heart. I'm not insecure so I didn't think much of it, but then those kinds of comments really started to get to me.

    TL;DR: I finally figured out that my "friends" are selfish and put me down a lot.

    1. Wow. Do NOT deal with that shit. Terrible friends. Ive had 'friends' like that and distancing myself was the best decision ever