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Updated on Friday, April 11


QUESTION: What are everyone's thoughts on the current state of the environment, and what are your opinions about what we should be doing (if anything) to mitigate negative environmental impacts. As an environment student, we spend a lot of time assuming that we are the only ones to care about the environment, but I do not believe this to be true and wanted to know everyone else's comments out there!


  1. Heavy investment in energy efficient technology from power generation to lightweight transportation, alternative fuels/ sources of power.

    More research and more application of it. Its time for a new technological era.

  2. Can we please get more recycling around campus (especially for cardboard)?
    Also, keeps me awake at night thinking about the future of the planet.

  3. Screw the environment. More oil more pollution. That's the way to go.

  4. There is a problem with US companies coming to Canada for our resources, especially fresh water, which they bleed dry and pollute in the process. If people are politically active they can stop problems like this, but unfortunately the dollar is worth more than the environment right now.

  5. My thoughts on the environment:

    It is already down the shitter.

    Not much we can do.

    Might as well recycle and reduce energy consumption anyways.

  6. I care about the environment, but not enough that I want to rally against the government for selling out our resources to big companies. I do my part and I hope that most people will do theirs as well.

  7. I don't reduce my water usage or power consumption for the environment, I do it to save money. There is nothing that I can do about the environment by myself, so once more people start doing it, I will too. We need to start with the business first. People always attack the oil sands, but really, if you drive a car, fly, and use plastics, you can't say shit about them. We need to get more efficient cars and factories, invest in nuclear. Wind and solar is ok, its great for distributed power, but it can't supply enough with 100% certainty it will be available. If Thorium Reactors are successful, it could save our power issues for the foreseeable future. Even conventional nuclear will work for us for years, just don't go building a nuclear plant on a fault zone on the shore and we should be good.

    I will let someone else talk about water pollution and ecosystems.

    And PS: I am an Environment Faculty student too

  8. I think that although human may have some impact on the environment, it is negligible compared to the natural changes (eg precession of Earth's axis of rotation, evolution and extinction that occur naturally etc) and as the environment change, human should adapt to the new environment instead of attempting to change it back.
    My prediction is that as Earth becomes more and more polluted, most species will become extinct, human will be almost extinct with a small number that either behaviorally or genetically adapted to the new environment survives and lives on.
    PS: I'm not in environment.

    1. What about almost every single scientist showing that we are the biggest cause for climate change? Are you ignoring them?

  9. Reduce water consumption. Drive less, or don't drive. Dispose of chemicals and electronics properly through a disposal program. Recycle. Compost. Reuse when you can. Make your own cleaners and detergents to reduce chemicals being flushed into the waterways and to save money. Plant bee-friendly flowers.
    This "it's already down the shitter, nothing we can do" attitude is a pile of shit. If you plan on continuing to live on earth, you'd better fucking do your part in taking care of it. If you can't, kill yourself. I am 100% serious. You're an insignificant speck of dirt in the scope of existence, so stop acting like the only purpose of the earth is to entertain you. You owe a debt of gratitude.

  10. Change the economic system so that the "externalities" are taken into account.